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    Navigating the landscape of employee benefits and insurance can be challenging, but with Universal Employee Benefits Solutions’s specialized value-added benefits, you’re never alone. We bring unique value to your business beyond traditional offerings. Unlike faceless nationwide services, we ensure you don’t have to dial a 1-800 number and talk to someone across the country; with UEBS’s trusted partners, you talk to someone across the street.

    Conveniently located in Dunmore, we extend our comprehensive services to companies in Pennsylvania and beyond, making us your go-to solution for value added benefits like HR Advising, ACA Compliance, COBRA Assistance, and Online Enrollment Assistance. Our localized approach enhances your ability to secure excellent employee benefits and effectively manage, recruit, and retain your workforce.

    Work with a dedicated HR manager
    Continued support with managing, recruiting, and retaining employees
    Save money, time, and resources

    Strategies to Retain Your Workforce

    In an increasingly competitive market, retaining your skilled employees is more critical than ever to sustain business success. We specialize in developing comprehensive retention strategies that go beyond mere financial incentives. We focus on creating a culture of growth, engagement, and work-life balance that makes your organization a preferred workplace.

    Leveraging sophisticated HR tools and analytics, we help you identify the key drivers of employee satisfaction and implement actionable plans to address any gaps. From mentorship programs to continuous learning opportunities, our tailored solutions are designed to keep your talent invested in your organization’s future. This targeted approach not only aids in retaining valued employees but also contributes to an enhanced company culture that attracts potential talent.

    Optimize Your Business with Managed Processes and Goal Alignment

    Our approach to HR Advising is rooted in the belief that efficient processes and goal alignment are critical to a thriving business. We use modern tools and data to simplify your business operations. From establishing measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyzing real-time performance data, we provide the tools you need to make informed decisions. It’s not just about setting up systems but continually refining these mechanisms to adapt to your evolving business needs. Whether aiming to enhance workflow efficiency or set clear, strategic milestones, our service offerings are designed to be as dynamic as your business, ensuring that you’re not just meeting your goals but surpassing them.

    Achieve Optimal Performance Through Continued Evaluation

    We understand that the key to organizational success lies in the ability to measure, analyze, and improve. That’s why our HR Advising services offer comprehensive performance evaluation tools that don’t just measure output but also identify opportunities for growth. By incorporating real-time analytics and customizable evaluation metrics, we empower your company to turn feedback into actionable insights. This process allows you to pinpoint areas that require improvement while recognizing and amplifying strengths. Whether you’re evaluating individual contributions or assessing team productivity, our evaluation strategies aim to provide a comprehensive perspective of your organization’s performance. The goal is not just to reach your targets but to sustain and elevate your achievements over time.

    Navigating the complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be daunting for any business. Ensuring ACA compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain a healthy workplace environment. Our services provide meticulous oversight and management of your ACA obligations. We stay aware of the latest regulations and guidelines, offering expert advice and solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs. With our support, you can confidently navigate the ACA landscape, ensuring that your business is fully compliant and your employees are adequately covered.

    Continuation of health coverage is a vital concern for employees experiencing job loss or transition. Our COBRA assistance services streamline the management of health benefits, ensuring seamless coverage for your employees during times of change. We handle the intricate details of COBRA administration, from notifying eligible individuals to managing premium payments. Our team ensures that your COBRA processes are handled efficiently and in compliance with federal regulations, providing peace of mind for both employers and employees during transitional periods.

    In the digital age, online enrollment for employee benefits should be a smooth and straightforward process. Our online enrollment assistance services are designed to simplify this journey. We provide intuitive, user-friendly platforms that guide employees through the selection and enrollment process with ease. Our support extends beyond just software; we offer comprehensive assistance to ensure that both employers and employees feel confident and informed every step of the way. From initial setup to ongoing management, our online enrollment assistance makes benefits selection a hassle-free experience for all involved.

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    If optimizing your HR processes, recruiting top-tier talent, and elevating your business performance sounds appealing, it’s time to take action. UEBS offers a unique blend of localized service and cutting-edge HR Advising tools designed to give you a competitive edge. Don’t navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits and insurance alone; allow our expertise to guide you every step of the way. Contact us to discover how our services can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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