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    In the world of employee benefits and insurance brokerage, having a knowledgeable and resourceful ally can significantly bolster your ability to meet and exceed your client’s expectations. We embody this ally at Universal Employee Benefits Solutions (UEBS) in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. As a dedicated general agent, we serve as a bridge between brokers and a rich portfolio of benefits, ensuring seamless and cost-effective access to coveted ancillary benefits. Our established partnerships and profound knowledge base with 20+ years of experience are at your disposal, paving the way for a collaborative partnership that reduces costs and enriches the value proposition you present to your clients.

    Through our comprehensive service as a general agency for employee benefits and health insurance, you gain an extended arm of support and a treasure trove of resources. Partnering with UEBS transcends a transactional interaction; it’s about forging a collaborative alliance that empowers you to deliver exceptional service bound by trust, transparency, and a shared goal of client satisfaction. Your success as a broker is amplified with the backing of UEBS, where every interaction is a step towards mutual growth and enduring client relationships.

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    Bridging Brokers to Benefits

    We excel in serving as a vital conduit between brokers and a comprehensive suite of benefits. Our role as a general agent facilitates streamlined access to an array of insurance benefits, ensuring brokers can offer a more enriched and cost-effective benefits package to their clients. By acting as the middleman, we alleviate the common hurdles in sourcing and managing employee benefits, allowing brokers to focus more on their client relationships and less on administrative intricacies. Our service is tailored to ensure brokers have the resources they need to excel, backed by a reliable partner dedicated to mutual success.

    Collaborative Advantage

    UEBS extends an invitation to brokers to join us, leveraging our position as a general agency for employee benefits and health insurance. Our partnerships with reputable insurance providers and a vast reservoir of industry knowledge become a powerful asset for brokers. This collaborative framework not only grants access to a robust range of resources but also fosters a knowledge-sharing environment that empowers brokers to meet the diverse needs of their clients with confidence and expertise. Through collaborative engagement, we aim to create a ripple effect of success, advancing together towards a horizon of growth and client satisfaction.

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    Enhancing Brokerage Value: Our Partnership with Baker Tilly Vantagen

    baker tilly vantagen; HR consulting/administration; HR advising

    At Universal Employee Benefits Solutions, we are committed to augmenting the scope and quality of services brokers can offer their clients. Through our alliance with Baker Tilly Vantagen, a local leader in HR advising based in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, brokers can now extend specialized HR advising services to their clientele. This partnership grants brokers access to a rich reservoir of HR expertise and resources, empowering them to assist clients in navigating the nuanced human resources landscape effortlessly. With Baker Tilly Vantagen’s HR advising capabilities at their disposal, brokers can transcend traditional service boundaries, delivering a more comprehensive and insightful service experience. This collaboration is a testament to our endeavor to equip brokers with the right tools and support, enabling them to adeptly meet the evolving HR demands of their clients.

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    Connect with Universal Employee Benefits Solutions today and unlock a collaborative partnership enriched by our experience and employee benefit offerings. Utilize us as your middleman to seamlessly bridge premium employee benefits and insightful HR advising to clients, elevating value.