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    At Universal Employee Benefits Solutions in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, we prioritize the well-being of your employees by offering a comprehensive suite of ancillary benefits. Our offerings span vision, life, dental, and both short and long-term disability insurance benefits, catering to businesses of all sizes. Through our solid partnerships as a reputable group insurance general agent with providers such as Highmark and Geisinger, we deliver reliable and tailored benefits solutions. Our aim is to foster a supportive and secure work environment that promotes overall employee satisfaction and productivity all while saving you money and time.

    Lower Cost

    Employer contribution costs increase at a slower rate than medical plans.

    Early Detection

    Routine exams can aid in the early detection of serious conditions.

    More Control

    Plans offer more control over deductibles and included coverage.

    Group Dental Insurance

    group dental insurance provider and consultant

    Navigating the intricacies of employee benefits can often feel like a complex puzzle, especially when striving to offer a package that meets diverse needs without overshooting budget constraints. At Universal Employee Benefits Solutions in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, we alleviate these challenges by providing a robust suite of ancillary benefits, including tailored group dental insurance solutions. Our expertise in this domain allows us to serve businesses of all sizes, ensuring a seamless alignment between the benefits you offer and the expectations of your team.

    Our partnerships with trusted group insurance providers such as United Concordia Dental, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, and MetLife, empower us to offer reliable and substantial group dental coverage at affordable costs. Whether you’re on the cusp of a new business venture or at the helm of a thriving large-scale operation, our group dental insurance plans are crafted to provide a solid foundation of dental care for your team, promoting a culture of wellness and satisfaction. By entrusting us with your ancillary benefits needs, you’re not only fostering a nurturing work environment but also cementing a relationship of trust and care with your team, which is instrumental in driving collective growth and success.

    Group Dental Insurance Providers:

    united concordia dental insurance group plan provider
    delta dental group dental insurance provider

    Group Vision Insurance

    vision insurance; ancillary benefits

    We understand the importance of vision care in maintaining overall health and wellness. Our group vision insurance solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of your team, providing them with the essential vision care benefits that are crucial for their everyday well-being. Partnering with reputable carriers like Davis Vision, NVA, EyeMed, VBA, and VSP Vision, we ensure reliable vision coverage that stands up to the demands of your company.

    Our group vision insurance is straightforward and adaptable, catering to both small ventures and large corporations. The process of selecting and managing vision benefits becomes significantly smoother with our expertise. Our aim at Universal Employee Benefits Solutions is to help you provide a valuable benefit that reflects your care and consideration for your team’s visual health, thereby promoting a supportive work environment that contributes to the collective success of your organization.

    Group Vision Insurance Providers:

    NVA group vision insurance provider
    VBA group vision insurance provider
    VSP group vision insurance provider

    Group Life Insurance

    group life insurance provider; employee benefits

    We recognize that offering life insurance as part of your benefits package speaks volumes about the value you place on your team and their loved ones. Our group life insurance solutions are crafted to provide that essential layer of financial security, reassuring your team that their families will have support during challenging times. Our collaboration with esteemed carriers like Guardian, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential ensures a solid foundation of reliable coverage, extending a sense of security and care beyond the workplace.

    Group life insurance plans should be straightforward yet adaptable. The transition towards incorporating or enhancing life insurance in your benefits offering is made seamless with our expertise. Our objective is to assist you in fortifying the financial well-being of your team, creating a supportive work atmosphere that underscores your organization’s commitment to its most valuable asset – its people. This gesture of foresight and care not only enriches your organizational culture but also solidifies a positive and enduring employer-employee relationship.

    Group Life Insurance Providers:

    guardian group life insurance provider
    mutual of omaha group life insurance provider

    Group Short-Term & Long Term Disability Insurance

    group disability insurance providers employee benefits solutions

    We help connect companies to reliable group disability insurance providers. We understand that navigating the landscape of disability insurance can be daunting, and our role is to simplify this process. Our service is an essential aspect of the ancillary benefits we help orchestrate, ensuring that your team has the necessary financial support during unexpected hardships. Through our established network, including trusted carriers like MetLife, The Hartford, Sun Life, Lincoln, Guardian, and Unum, we facilitate access to short and long-term disability insurance solutions.

    Our goal is to ease the transition of integrating group disability insurance into your benefits package. This initiative not only showcases a level of foresight and care towards your team’s well-being but also cultivates a nurturing and supportive work environment. By aligning with us, you’re taking a significant step towards fostering a culture of preparedness and support, which is instrumental in building a resilient and thriving work community.

    Group Disability Insurance Providers:

    Guardian group disability insurance provider
    Hartford disability insurance group disability insurance provider
    lincoln group disability insurance provider