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    Most Commonly Asked Questions

    We’re here to guide you through the small group insurance process so you can find a plan that meets your small business needs without ever losing focus of what matters most to you – your business.

    What are the best options for building an attractive employee benefits plan?

    An attractive employee benefits plan typically consists of the following: a health plan, a dental plan, a retirement savings plan, paid vacation and sick time, and sometimes additional benefits such as short-term disability and extended maternal or paternal leave. While health insurance plans are usually the largest investment, options such as flexible spending accounts can supplement lower premium health plans and reduce out-of-pocket costs for the employee.

    What is the best way to compare and select plans?

    From fully-insured to self-funded, the number of employee benefit plan options available can seem overwhelming. We’ll work with you to understand your employees benefits plan needs and your budget, to help you navigate and identify the choices that are right for you and your business.

    How do I enroll a new employee in a plan?

    We’ll provide you with benefits plan package materials and brochures to share with your employees to help them select the plan that works best for their needs. We are also available to respond to any questions that you are unable to answer about plan options and guide you through the enrollment process.